LeROY's Shop
Weeeelcommmme! :rubs hands:

If there`s an item or price you want to discuss just:
1. Leave a comment HERE and don't forget to mention which item and your offer
2. Then add me on Steam if needed.
!! I usually ignore or block "random" adds so please don't skip these steps !!

*I try to keep my prices updated and as low as possible.
*I do not list for $100 if Id accept $60 so no low-balling please.

*Shop has a little bit of everything, but a lot of: Professional Killstreak Kits with Team Shine.
If there`s a specific Professional KS Kit w/Team Shine you're looking for; Send me a message, I might have it elsewhere.

*Everything can be traded for Pure, and I accept item offers on Unusuals and other High-Value Items

Have a nice... whatever it is there :-)



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