Polo7468's Shop Steam Profile
My store is ready to go!
At the moment, I am trying to sell the following items:
1) Everything about professional weapons with the BEST effects (FH and Tornado);
2) Cosmetic items in paints. Everything is to your taste, so I try to find any colors.;
3) Metal;
4) Tour of Duty Tickets;
5) Unique and Decorated weapons;
6) Basic & Specialized & Professional Kits;
7) Inexpensive unusuals. Yes, I have a couple of more expensive ones 🙂.

!!!If you are from the CIS countries, you can open my steam profile and see my price list for keys and tickets. I'm looking for people who are able to sell things for rubles!!!
(!!!Если вы из стран СНГ, вы можете открыть мой профиль в Steam и посмотреть мой прайс-лист на ключи и билеты. Ищу людей, которые могут продавать вещи за рубли!!!)

You are best!💎
Don't be sad in this rainy season 🌧 🌦 ☀ More smiles 🙂 and more positives 🤠🥳 !!!

💬You can contact me on Steam if you have any questions.


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