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Unusual Merciless Greevil
Lowest Price:
$1.24 each
3 Available
Courier Slots
Horns: Massive Greevil Horns
Teeth: Sharp Greevil Teeth
Tail: Thin Greevil Tail
Nose: Modest Greevil Nose
Wings: Elaborate Greevil Wings
Eyes: Googly Greevil Eyes
Effect: Exort Air
A strange beast infused with magic. Its color, appearance, and abilities are determined by the types of magical essences it was exposed to while still an egg.
( Not Usable in Crafting )
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Unusual Merciless Greevil swoop *** *** $1.24
Unusual Merciless Greevil LookAtMyChicken $1.25
Unusual Merciless Greevil Geel $2.50