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Almond the Frondillo
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$2.99 each
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Used By: Axe, Bristleback, Centaur Warrunner, Earthshaker, Juggernaut, Legion Commander, Riki, Slark, and Sven
The International 2015
Almond the Frondillo
Almond the Frondillo Red Upgrade
Almond the Frondillo Golden Upgrade (Locked)
A place of primal turmoil, the Yama Raskav Jungle is home to creatures evolved to guard against the endless and savage struggle. Taken from her home as a pup, a hard-shell Frondillo named Almond escaped her owner and found her way to an even greater conflict.
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Almond the Frondillo LookAtMyChicken $2.99
Almond the Frondillo LookAtMyChicken $2.99