The Scream Fortress Seller Special!

October 20th 2018 Important

Scream Fortress X is here, and with it comes all sorts of new trading opportunities! Whether you've unboxed your first unusual or are a seasoned trading veteran, the Scream Fortress Seller Special (SFSS) will spook you to your soul... with money!

The Scream Fortress Seller Special runs from October 20th until the end of Scream Fortress X -- currently November 14th, but we know Valve.

During the SFSS, the seller commission on certain items (that is, the fee we take) is lowered:

  • Halloween or Scream Fortress-related items: 3%
  • Unusuals and Unusualifiers (all sorts): 5%
  • All other items remain at the standard 10%


What defines a "Halloween item"? We're glad you asked, because we like making lists:

  • Any cosmetic, of any quality, released during any Scream Fortress
  • Any taunt, of any quality, released during any Scream Fortress
  • Any unusual cosmetic or taunt with a Halloween effect
  • Any Warpaint (or painted weapon), of any quality, released during Scream Fortress X
  • Unusualifiers for any taunt released during Scream Fortress
    • That is, the unusualifier must work on a taunt which was released during any Scream Fortress.
  • Any Scream Fortress Cases or Case Keys

Basically, anything spooky. If your item is eligible for a discounted commission, a special badge will appear next to its name on your dashboard. Hover over it to see more details.

Why Sell on Marketplace?

  • 100% Chargeback and Scam Protection
    • Scammers hate him!
  • We're the largest and most-trusted third-party TF2 Marketplace. 
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  • We take over the advertising and listing of your item. Everyone in TF2 can see your item on Marketplace.
  • Cross-list your Marketplace items on classifieds
  • Unlike some other markets, we do not charge buyers an extra fee just to buy your items.
    • This means buyers only need to pay exactly what your item costs, instead of hidden fees increasing the true price of your item.

Enjoy Scream Fortess X!

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