Introducing Buy Orders

May 2nd 2017

Today we're launching buy orders, which will allow you to automatically purchase items at a price you set. 

Creating a Buy Order

To create a buy order, simply visit an item's detail page and click "Place Buy Order". Fill in the amount of items you'd like to buy, and the maximum price you'll pay for them. Confirm your buy order, and you're cooking with gas. If you'd like to view the status of, or cancel, your buy orders, you can do so by clicking "Buy Orders" in your user navigation menu.


Buy Orders are paid for through Store Credit. This comes in two forms: wallet funds and seller credit. Wallet funds can be purchased directly from, while seller credit can be obtained by selling your items to others. You can use either, or both, to pay for your buy orders. Your credits are not deducted when the buy order is created; only when your buy order is fulfilled.

You will be automatically prompted to purchase the necessary wallet funds if you do not have sufficient funds when you create your buy order.