Credit Card Buy Orders (+ more)

October 24th 2018 Feature

As you're enjoying Scream Fortress X and our Scream Fortress Seller Special, we've got a completely non-spooky update for you today. Doot.

Credit/Debit Card Buy Orders

Buy Orders are a great way to buy items passively: instead of constantly F5ing an item's page hoping it'll get listed for a certain price, you can place a buy order on it and go to sleep. However, buy orders may only be made using Wallet Funds, which can be an inconvenience. Until today, that is:

Buy Orders can now be placed using a credit or debit card! Any card saved to your account can be used to place buy orders, and you'll only be charged when it buys an item. 

  • The credit card you use must be address-verified on Marketplace. This can take up to 7 business days, but is a one-time setup process.
    • This is to prevent fraud. Marketplace provides 100% chargeback protection for our sellers, so we need to fight fraud.
  • You may set a daily spending limit on your card. Card-based Buy Orders will not spend more than the amount you specify per calendar day. 
    • This defaults to $15/day, but can be changed on your account page.
    • Currently, you cannot set it to higher than $200/day, but this is subject to change.
    • Buy Orders placed using store credit do not follow this limit.
  • There is a minimum purchase value of $3.00 for any card-based buy order.
    • This does not affect buy orders placed using wallet funds.
    • This means that any time your buy order would be triggered, it must spend at least $3.00 or it will not trigger.
      • If your per-item price is at least $3.00, it behaves normally.
      • If your per-item price is under $3.00, it will only purchase items if it can purchase enough in one go to meet the minimum. For example, if your per-item price is $1.00, your buy order will need to be able to purchase at least 3 items to be triggered.
    • This is due to the fact that credit card processors charge a flat fee and a percent fee of each transaction, making small payments very expensive for merchants.

Buy Order Updates

That's not all; we've made some improvements to buy orders in general:

  • When your Wallet Funds drop below the value of a buy order, it is now paused instead of canceled. You can unpause it when you replenish your funds.
  • You can now pause and unpause buy orders at will, without having to cancel them.
  • We've revamped the Buy Order Dashboard. Nifty!
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