Changes to Painted and Killstreaked Items

February 1st 2017

If you've used to purchase items that can be painted or have a killstreak kit attached, you know that it can sometimes be cumbersome to navigate the list of items. There are so many possibilities -- professional killstreak items can have 49 different combinations! For example, these Australium Rocket Launchers aren't very easy to navigate.


The change is simple: instead of displaying each unique paint or killstreak effect as its own item, they're now all grouped together. Instead of 49 different Professional Killstreak variants of these rocket launchers, there's now a single "Professional Australium Rocket Launcher" item.



Clicking on the Professional Australium Rocket Launcher lets us see the whole picture:



Much better! It works in the same way for painted items as well. This should make your shopping experience much smoother and stress-free. For our sellers: don't worry! You're still able to set individual prices for all of your painted and killstreaked items.

Well, back to work! These recent improvements are but a taste of the things to come for In the next few months, we'll have something big to share with you. Stay tuned!