What's Next for Marketplace.tf

June 19th 2019 Important

This blog post is meant to give an idea of our current plans for the future, but plans can always change. The order of this list is not intended to represent the order in which these features may ship. This list is not necessarily exhaustive.

Dota 2

Surprise! Soon, you'll be able to buy and sell Dota 2 items on Marketplace.tf.

We've put a significant amount of work into this update, and we're really excited about it. Our goal for any game we support on Marketplace.tf is to provide the best service for that game that we possibly can. If we add support for a game, we don't want it to feel like a tacked-on feature; it should be a first-class citizen amongst the other games we support. For example, we've invested a lot of time in our search functionality, offering features nobody else matches (style and gem filters anyone?), and we think you'll like it.


Expect Dota 2 to be available on Marketplace.tf within 1-2 weeks.


Why sell on Marketplace.tf?

We offer the best TF2 trading platform in the world, and that's what we plan to do for Dota 2 as well. 

  • Unlike many other services, buyers don't pay any fees. This means they're able to pay more for items, and are much less likely to cancel a purchase due to unexpected fees pushed upon the buyer.
  • We offer free, instant PayPal payouts. We don't like the idea of springing surprise fees on you when you try to actually collect on what you sold, so we don't do it.
  • There is only one, simple 10% commission. We collect 10% of the value of your item when you sell it; no hidden fees.
  • Marketplace.tf was founded in 2013, making us the longest-running item trading platform in the world.


Does this impact TF2 items on Marketplace.tf?

Nope! Marketplace.tf is doing better than ever in the TF2 trading scene, and we don't intend to slow down any time soon. Our TF2 support will continue to get better, with new features and services specific to TF2 (such as the ability to filter by killstreak effects, coming in this update). Additionally, a fair amount of the work we've done to support Dota 2 allows us to improve the TF2 experience on Marketplace as well.


More Payment Methods

We're working on supporting a number of new payment methods to better serve our international customers. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • iDEAL
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Przelewy24

Think something's missing from this list? Let us know!


Payout Options

Marketplace.tf already offers feeless, instant PayPal payouts for all our users, but we can do more. We're investigating multiple options for providing new payout methods -- specifically ones that better serve our international users -- and we'll share more specific information when we can.

Of course, PayPal payouts won't be going away with these changes. 


Help Center

We're working on a brand new help center that will guide our users through all of Marketplace.tf's features and services.

It will contain a number of neatly-categorized, searchable articles that go into specific detail on the usage of the website. The creation of these articles represents a fair amount of work on our end, but will serve to greatly improve user experience. We hope you find it useful!


Further Future

Although we're not yet ready to talk about it, you can expect Marketplace.tf to continue to innovate in unexpected ways. We're extremely excited for what's to come, and can't wait to show you what we mean. Big plans.