Improved Search

February 6th 2017

Today, we're pushing a change to our search feature. Until now, searching on was limited to filtering only between the type of an item, its quality, and its name.

With the search update, you can now:

  • Search for items that a specific class (or all classes) can use
  • Sort ascending or descending by price. If on the Deals page, you can also sort by the dollar value of the deal, or the percentage off.
  • Search for items with specific Killstreaks; no killstreaks; or either.
  • Search for items with a specific Quality
  • Search for items of a specific Type
  • Share your search by copying its URL

The text box is also more intelligent; for example, try searching for "scout unusual" or "unusual skin". 


We'll be iterating on and improving the search function continuously. We hope this improves your shopping experience.