Unusual Sale Event is live!

April 23rd 2017

We're pleased to announce that, starting today, the Unusual Sale Event is live! For the next three weeks, get a lower commission of 5% on any unusual hat or taunt you sell!

The event begins today, April 23rd 00:00 UTC and ends May 15th 00:00 UTC. All unusual hats and taunts are eligible for this discounted rate, provided they are sold within the specified timeframe. A full list of criteria follows.

  • All sellers will receive a 5% promotional commission as opposed to 10% for any unusual hat or taunt.
  • Eligible items must be sold during the event. All unsold items will revert to their 10% commission at the end of the event.
  • To be eligible for the discount, your account must have the standard 10% commission rate.


Interested in selling your unusual hat or taunt? Become a seller today! It's free and easy, and we provide free 1-hour payouts to any valid PayPal address.

Please note that during this event, certain coupon codes have been adjusted to prevent abuse. Specifically, any coupon giving 10% off a first order now gives 5% off a first order until the event ends.