Upcoming Seller Requirements Change

April 16th 2019 Important

tl;dr: Starting April 23rd, all sellers will need to add and verify a phone number in order to deposit any items.


      Starting April 23rd, 2019 (one week from the date this blog post was published), sellers will find that they need to add and verify a phone number in order to deposit items. This is a process that takes only a few seconds, and helps increase the security of your account and of Marketplace.tf as a platform. In particular, this change helps us prevent scammers and scammer alts from liquidating stolen goods on Marketplace.

Click here to add a phone number to your account.


Why do you want my phone number?

  • It helps us prevent scammers and other crooks from liquidating stolen goods.
  • It assists us with verifying your payments when you purchase items, making the purchase process smoother.
  • Having a phone number attached to your account can help you regain access or prove ownership of the account.
  • A phone number is required for 2-Factor Authentication, which we strongly recommend all sellers set up.


I don't want to be spammed

      Put simply, we will never send you any text messages or calls that you do not want. When you verify your phone number, we will send a single SMS to verify your ownership. No further SMS messages will be sent unless you explicitly request it -- for example, if we were to offer an opt-in SMS notification when you sell an item in the future. 


      Additionally, your phone number will never be sold or used for advertising purposes. We do not financially gain from your phone number other than how it helps us secure our platform. Specifically, we only share your information with other entities when we are required to by law (which is not something that has ever been demanded of us by any government agency) and to prevent fraudulent payments.


I don't have a phone number

      While we understand that this will negatively impact some users, we have made this decision based on the fact that in order to deposit items, users need the Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled, which requires a phone number. Therefore, any users who were depositing items already have a phone number that they've attached to their Steam accounts.

Adding a phone number won't stop people who are dedicated, just children who don't want to put in the effort.
Well, after reading the follow-up blog post, I guess I will have to dig out my mobile phone and hope that the SMS stuff works with my non-US phone number country code...
"users need the Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled, which requires a phone number" No, it doesn't. I don't own or want an iPhone (or similar device) because I hate touch screens and don, my mobile phone is 10 years old and perfectly functionable without internet access or built-in camera, so I have my Steam Mobile Authenticator and my Marketplace Authenticator app on an iPad that I basically never use except for auth apps for various games.
no* 2nd layer that is.
loook at all the QQers crying about not having a number or not wanting to share one. One actually said we need a 2nd email verification process instead of phone number...umm...email accounts are free and take seconds to make. That's to "2nd layer of protection" idiot! Either give up your number, or be quite! Obviously they already accounted and DONT CARE about you few crying about this. Me? Im happy! Steam should be next for this, to further derail the scammers!
I didnt even get the SMS code. Im not US citizen and I added me country code
the issue isnt spam its privacy
friendship ended with marketplace.tf
Welp, guess I won't be selling stuff. My phone number is volatile and subject to change at any moment, because it's a borrowed phone number and doesn't always have service.
Err... I have my Steam Mobile Authenticator on an iPad, therefore it doesn't require a phone number in the first place...
As much as I understand the reasoning behind this change, I simply do not feel comfortable enough giving the site my phone number. I use a dummy email as it is, not to insult marketplace.tf or their security, but I just want to have my bases covered.
Wait, Doesn't Having a Steam Authenticator serve as enough. Adding ones phone number to the website only opens up more privacy concerns than it does solve.
I've had my phone number linked to my account for months, maybe more than a year, and I don't get any spam calls because of it. I think it'll be fine
they should be using another layer of security using email, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER EVER! good luck with all those telemarketing calls you are going to get lol
the phone number that I use for steam isn't currently active since I can't pay my phone bill
as marketplace said in an email...it's just a "big gay"
I guess if you want to be a sheep than thats your prerogative.
I dont see a reason to blame this extra security layer, a said in the post, you already need a phone number to use mobile authenticator and adding the phone number here in mp.tf is a one-time thingy.
its funny that some people get mad about it, in my opinion its a great idea! keep the good work up :-)
We already have to do the mobile authenticator, why do I have to give you my phone number? ridiculous
please PLEASE make it quicker to reveiw a purchase
all these people getting mad about security, well, you also get mad when you get scammed.
would you also like my social security number?
God, its just getting harder and harder to actually use the damn site.
Do you guys not have phones? -Blizzard
Sounds good to me tbh
"Ok guys we're adding an extra layer of authentication to help prevent any further fraud and scams."
Pine apples
imagine dude
I like how half the people didn't even read the post.\
Imagine not having a phone number in 2019
good idea
I used a temporary online spoof phone number for my steam guard. Didnt have a phone for years until recently and I dont have service nor do I need it. Who uses their phone number for anything these days anyway
You can use a program on your PC for Steam Mobile Authenticator btw, it is called WinAuth, you just need a phone to set it up.
I don't own a phone, one more thing I shall ask my roommate's phone for...
Good. I hate scammers, too
Ok, no worries.
Sorry, I forgot to say "The Mobile Authenticator doesn't seem to be enough security, so we have to use 2-Factor Authentication too.
I don't have data on my phone, which means that I use a friend's phone number to use the Steam Mobile Authenticator. I don't want to have to have him get MORE messages just so I can sell some stuff to GET data. This feature should not be implimented because 2-factor authentication is plenty of security, and the people losing their accounts need to choose better passwords.
I'm fine with it, I just dont want another company "accidentally leaking" my phone number. what I mean is, how secure will the server be to keeping the numbers private? russian kids with skripts do exist.
I feel like this is an understandable change, but I also feel as though this will GREATLY diminish your customer base, because many people who use this are teenagers who either cannot afford or are not allowed a phone. I won't have the problem, I just don't think it's the best way to deal with it. Respectfully, Marius
If you do not adjust these requirements, I wil be leaving.
Also I don't think it's your responsiblity to fight scammers. That seems more like Valve's responsibility to me.
this will change literally nothing, unless you want us to confirm something via text, which will just be a hindrance
I don't see why you need a phone number associated with your account to enable two-factor authentication. You should be able to do that without a phone number.
some people use steam desktop authentication developed by you , there are kids who cant really afford cellphone atm
I would prefer that phone number is needed to sell items that cost more than 1 $ or if you want to keep more than 50 items for sell or something like that because it most likely would not be worth scammer time with small profit
@Mark legit, that would be a much more welcome change lmao. Give us a fucking outbidding limit already, it's a pain to deal with!
Really dislike this change. I already have my steam guard set up and therefore enlisting a phone number for THIS site, which also runs through my steam account is pointless. It serves absolutely no purpose - how is it supposed to stop scammers?
It's obvious the phone number won't do much in terms of scammers selling their stolen goods here, but it still makes it a bit harder for them to do so, which in my opinion is worth it.
Yay for 2 site authenticate? but It wont stop scammers at al, getting a new sim card(new number) is as easy as paying very little money or asking your provider to change it for you over here.
Honestly I think this is a good idea. It'll stop scammers who can't get new sim cards easily in their country and will probably defer any scammers from even starting
New sim card costs 2 $ here, and you can get it completly anonimously! Please dont do that! You dont have need to resell cell numbers when you arlready earn gods money! Also, you know it wont solve anything, nor will prevent any scammer in his buisnesss, it will jsut make crowd angry!
do you also want a photo of my birth certificate?
Stoping scammers from liquidating stolen goods is like fighting windmills. Yes you can improve site security a bit but it does not mean that scammers would not make new account here to sell goods and if goods are expensive enough I am sure they will go through hastle of buying the new phone number every time since they are dirt cheap (~1 euro)
Better enlighten people so they don't get scammed in the first place and information that shows info of the bot before deposit is more useful security than phone number
Why Steam Mobile Authenticator is not enough? It does the same thing for you why do I have to trust more websites with my phone number so it have a higher chance of getting leaked and used for other purposes. Remember that nothing is perfect
call me
yay, thanks
bad, how does a phone number stop scammers exactly?
Can we also deal with the 1 cent outbidders? They are a real pain in the arse
You can get a free government phone if you qualify for food stamps
r e s p e c c
I have a phone and can't afford a plan, You guys have screwed me :(
first ban mvm bot-users imposibru to take some parts, no matter how fast U are
i really hate linking my phone to any kinda stuff even this i just hate links cuz if i change number or break phone not sure if i need old phone and number to even change to new one
very nice
I don't mind this that much,still,if you use it only for safety reasons,it's ok
Thank you Geel, very cool
I can't add the phone number, always error
great addition
I see no problem with this.
*weed -420
this will feed out those nasty f***ers
As much as I can see the reasoning behind this change, I don't think I'd be too comfortable placing my number on this site, so this will negatively impact me.
tbh, not really a fan. I'm not a scammer/alt. I haven't had any issue with account loss. Any purchase I'm making is with mp credit. Steam login already requires 2FA (through my phone).
Finally! Thank you very much for this change.
Super simple. c:
Good to see security becoming better for everyone and safer!
'I don't have a phone number' ---> 'Yes you do lol'
Very nice :)
I respect this change