Similar Items & Sponsored Listings

December 21st 2018 Feature

With a few days left before Christmas, we have two sweet updates for you! Similar Items debuts today, while Sponsored Listings have been with us for a few weeks (but we're announcing it today!) 


Similar Items

Now, when you visit certain items' pages (for example, Australium Rocket Launcher or Yeti Coated War Paint), you'll be shown items for sale that are very similar to the item you're viewing; such as a Professional Killstreak variant, or a different wear or unusual effect on a war paint.

If you were in the market for a Miami Element War Paint, but wanted to see all your options before making a decision, you might wrangle with search and try to get the parameters just right. Alternatively, you can now simply visit any Miami Element War Paint's page, and you'll be shown all Miami Element War Paints! This is especially helpful if you're the bookmarking sort.

The following items will now display similar items:

  • War Paints
    • Will display other War Paints of the same kind
  • Skins
    • Will display other Skins and War Paints of the same kind
      • Skins shown will be the same base weapon
  • Australiums
  • Items


We will be increasing the amount of items that are categorized together in the future.


Sponsored Listings

If you've had trouble selling a rarer item, Sponsored Listings may be for you! Sponsored Listings are simple: buy one, and you can have your item featured on for 48 hours at a time. 

  • $1.99 each
    • Can be purchased in bundles for a reduced price per listing
  • Features an item for 48 Hours
    • Keys, metal, and MvM tickets cannot be sponsored
  • Track the impressions and clicks your Sponsored Listing generates
  • Sponsored Listings display in various places throughout
    • The front page
    • Above search
    • Below the cart