Stock Limit Changes

October 11th 2018

Today, we're making some important changes to our stock limit system. Currently, we limit the stock of certain items to a global cap; this is a small list of items that have very low sales volume yet have taken up a large amount of our bot space. However, a negative side-effect of this is that in some cases, one person can take up the entire stock of an item, monopolizing it.


To combat this, the stock limit system now functions as follows:

  1. The stock limit of all limited items has increased.
  2. No user may hold more than a certain percentage of the stock limit for an item.
  3. You cannot deposit a stock-limited item if you already have that item on your account, priced at $0.00.
  4. You cannot set the price of a stock-limited item to $0.00 if it is already above that price. If you wish to remove one of these items from sale, you must withdraw it.


It's important to keep in mind that the list of items this applies to is very small, affecting mainly crates and cases.