Introducing Shelf Space Expanders

February 1st 2017

Bot storage space is precious on Currently, we employ an array of almost 60 bots, totaling 110,000+ item spaces -- and we're adding more all the time. Because adding new bots costs time and money, there is currently a shelf space limit of 200 for all sellers; it is not possible to deposit items over this limit. For the vast majority of our sellers, this is more than enough space; however, some sellers may need some extra space to store all their items.

Starting today, sellers may now expand their shelf space limits beyond the base limit of 200 items. To expand your shelf space limit, simply purchase a shelf space expander. There is an upper limit of 2,000 that cannot be passed. Attempting to add shelf space expanders to your cart that would exceed the limit of 2,000 will fail.

We hope this change improves your selling experience. Let us know what you think in our subreddit.