Patch Notes 5/27

May 27th 2019 Patch Notes

This is a "Patch Notes" post, where we summarize many of the user-facing changes we've made over the past few weeks. Many of these changes are not individually large enough to receive their own blog posts, but still deserve to be formally announced.

Patch Notes

  • Lowest Price information can now be seen on the Seller Dashboard
  • Search has been rewritten from the ground up, and several new filters are available.
    • Designed to be easily extendable and very flexible. The time we invested in this is already bringing great rewards for our internal development process.
  • We've improved the mobile experience:
    • The navbar has been reworked for mobile to provide more information while being less confusing. 
    • Your cart will no longer be too wide and scroll sideways on the checkout page
    • Our work on improving mobile support is far from finished; this is not an exhaustive update.
  • The cart display in the navbar now shows both the # of items and value of your cart.
  • Notifications you receive now appear live on your page instead of appearing on the next page load.
  • The Buy Orders page is now paginated for those who have a significant amount of outstanding Buy Orders.
  • Domain Names are now censored in usernames.