Changes to Shop URLs

February 18th 2017

Today, we're instituting a small change to the way Shops work. For the unaware, your Shop is a page on that displays only your items for sale; it's a great tool to advertise your wares to others. Until today, we've required that users create their own Shop URLs.

Starting today, Shop URLs are based on your Steam Community Vanity URL. For example, if your Steam Community Vanity URL were, your new Shop URL is

If you do not have a Vanity URL, your shop URL is based off of your Steam Community ID. For example, Bobsplosion's non-vanity Shop URL is

If you're a seller, you can find your Shop URL by visiting your seller settings.

We're making this change because we feel the old system was confusing and unfairly biased towards sellers who signed up earlier. With this system, your shop more accurately reflects your identity, and allows you to have a permanent link to your shop even if your vanity URL changes. Enjoy!