TF2 Outpost integration now available

May 5th 2017

Sometimes, you want to list your items on, but want to accept item offers as well. Before today, there wasn't a great solution to that problem. That changes now: TF2 Outpost integration is now available! Starting today, you can now create a TF2 Outpost trade advertising your listings.

List your items on TF2 Outpost

To create a TF2 Outpost trade advertising your listings, simply visit the trade creation page on Outpost. Once there, select your inventory like so:

Outpost will automatically fetch your listed items and their associated prices. Add them to your trade, and select the items you'd like in return. Once your trade is live, anyone can click a link and purchase the item from you off of, or they can offer items in exchange.

In addition, TF2 Outpost will automatically display listings in search results.

We hope you make great use of this integration. Enjoy!