Upcoming Changes to Inventory Management

June 19th 2017

Within the next few days, we will be changing how we manage our storage bots' inventories and ensure everyone has space to deposit the items they wish to sell. 

You may have noticed that attempting to deposit items has failed for the past few days. This is because our bots have been, effectively, bogged down with mass amounts of nearly-unsellable items. For instance, there are currently 5,640 Mann Co. Supply Munition Crate #92 deposited on our bots (and over 1,000 of these are not even priced and thus are not for sale). This item sells, on average, less than 1 per day at $0.01 per item, yet there are thousands in stock over hundreds of sellers. Simply put, the chance of selling one of these items as a seller is statistically insignificant. This is only a single item; there are many similar items in a similar situation. 

To combat this, we will be instituting stock limits for certain items, such as the above crate. These limits will only be placed on items that are in a similar situation (very high stock with very low sales). This change should not negatively affect your seller experience, given that the likelihood of actually selling any of these items is astronomically low.

After this change has been made, we will be adding more storage bots, which will increase our storage capacity by about 50%. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.