Order Delivery Consolidation

September 25th 2018

If you're like us, you take advantage of the phenomenal deals at Marketplace.tf every single day without fail. However, it can get tiring to buy some items and receive offers from a number of different bots. Accepting each offer can be annoying and tedious.

No more! We learned the word "consolidation" the other day and we couldn't be happier with what this discovery has enabled. 


Starting today, when you place an order, the items will be sent to our network of delivery bots whose sole purpose is to consolidate and deliver items. Most orders will be delivered in a single trade. Orders with a particularly large amount of items, or that are spread across a great variety of bots, will arrive in multiple trades, but the total amount of trades will still be at most 1/10th of the pre-consolidation amount of offers. 

There's no fee or anything to set up. Order consolidation is now live and working on every order. Enjoy!

idk what this is but when i came here my orders instantly consolidated
yeah, but my items are stuck being consolidated. any way to help?
Fricken' awesome.