Address Verification

February 22nd 2018

Note: the limited-time free key promotion has ended. Free keys are no longer available for verifying your address.

Starting today, you'll notice a new section on your account page: Verified Billing Addresses. Simply put, you can now verify your billing address on This helps us keep safe from fraud and increases our trust in your account, helping you speed through checkout uninterrupted. Plus, you can get a free key! Read on for more details.

How it works

To begin the address verification process, enter your current address on the address verification page. We'll utilize the magic of the United States Postal Service to send you a postcard containing a unique verification code -- free of charge. When it arrives, follow the instructions on the card and your address will be verified. It's quite easy!

For US-based customers, expect your verification postcard within 5 business days. International deliveries may vary.


Spam & Privacy

Besides the verification process outlined above, we will never send you unwanted mail. To be clear, "unwanted mail" refers in this instance to any mail you have not explicitly requested. At the moment, we only send verification postcards; in the future, it is possible we will have additional features involving mail delivery -- which users would explicitly opt into. Basically, we're not going to be spamming you.

We will never share your address information with outside parties except as required by law or as required for the operation of this website (read: to actually send you the postcard, we've got to give your address to someone).


But Why?

As part of our services, we provide 100% fraud protection to sellers. Put short: if there's a chargeback, we cover it. This means we need to take certain measures to prevent fraud. In most instances, a simple card verification -- involving two random charges -- is sufficient. However, in cases with high fraud potential, we sometimes ask users to verify their identity through other means. Currently, this means we request documents verifying their identity. 

While this is certainly helpful for cutting back on fraud, it isn't particularly great for the end user (trust me, we don't love having to screen orders for fraud either). To this end, we hope address verification can be a happy medium between the strength of identity verification and speed. It doesn't require the user provide us with any information we don't already have, it just requires a little patience on the front end. Once you're through address verification, you don't need to do it again.

Ideally, users would verify their address in the background while they begin their usage of Even if it's not immediately necessary, it's a great way to indicate trustworthiness and heavily reduce the chances that an order will be held. To that end, read on for details about the free key!


Free Key

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for skipped ahead to. To claim your free key, simply verify your address. Once you've successfully verified your address, you'll be granted a $2.00 Gift Card, enough for one free key (and then some).

There are, of course, some rules:

  • You must be verifying an address for the first time. That means only one gift card per account or per address. 
  • You must have placed at least one order with

These conditions are simply to prevent potential abuse vectors of the free key. This is why we can have nice things.


That's it! If you have any questions or concerns, consider joining our Discord or subreddit.