Upcoming Payout Changes

April 22nd 2018

This blog post outlines changes that are going to be put into place two weeks from today, which is May 6th, 2018. No changes will be made until that date. All numbers here are subject to change (and if they do we will keep you informed).


Currently, Marketplace.tf offers free 24-hour payouts (although most payouts get sent within 1-2 hours). Additionally, we cover the fees that PayPal charges to send payouts. Normally, these fees are manageable, but for some users, PayPal charges much higher fees to send payouts. Our goal is to ease this financial burden while still providing fair and reasonable payouts to our sellers.

Starting May 6th, there will be two different options when requesting a payout:

  • 1-hour Payout (free)
  • 10-minute Payout (5% fee)

However, if we detect that PayPal charges higher fees for your account, these will be your payout options:

  • 24-hour Payout (free)
  • 1-hour Payout (you pay PayPal fees)
  • 10-minute Payout (5% + PayPal fees)


Most users will be able to take advantage of free 1-hour Payouts, and 10-minute Payouts are becoming available as an additional option. If PayPal charges additional fees for your account, you are able to receive free 24-hour Payouts, or pay PayPal's fees for faster Payout options.


Please note that these changes are not yet live; payouts are currently completely feeless, so if you must, you can withdraw your funds before the changes become live. Additionally, we'd appreciate your feedback in our Discord and Subreddit. Thanks!