Messages, Shop Personalization, and Performance Improvements

June 23rd 2017

Today's a big day for! We've got some great new features to share with you, and a revamped server infrastructure to make using those features more convenient than ever. Let's get to it.


Messages are here! Now you can communicate with other users on through a simple messaging system. Want to make an offer on an item? Simply send the seller a message and work it out. That's not all you can use messages for, of course; the entire breadth of human communication is at your fingertips. We literally invented this concept!

Shop Personalization

Now you can customize your shop with a title and message that's displayed to all your shop visitors. Feel free to share information on what items you're stocking soon, or good deals currently available. Plus, there's a handy button that allows your shop visitors to message you, helping you keep in touch with your customers.

Performance Improvements

Let's be honest: hasn't been a very fast website. Pages simply took too long to load. So, naturally, we fixed it. We've painstakingly redone our entire server infrastructure, massively boosting performance. Pages should much faster; 2-5 times as fast, according to our measurements.


We hope these new additions and improvements greatly benefit your experience. Enjoy!