Dota 2 has arrived

June 24th 2019 Important

Starting now, has full support for Dota 2 items. You can now buy and sell any tradable Dota 2 item on Arcanas, Couriers, Weather Effects, Cosmetics, Player Cards,  Wearables, and more. We've put a lot of work into this update, and we think you'll like it. 


Quick Overview: What is

Welcome! For many, this blog post will be your first interaction with our service. We've spent the past 6 years building the absolute best TF2 cash trading website in the world (we've got seniority: we're literally the pioneers in automated Steam trading), and we're finally extending our reach. 

Put simply, is the best place to buy and sell Team Fortress 2, and now Dota 2, items for cash. We've delivered over 18 million TF2 items so far, and we're larger now than we've ever been. 

  • Buying
    • No fees on buyers
    • Pay with PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, or funds earned from selling your items on
      • More options to pay coming soon
    • Consolidation is our service that combines the items you're purchasing onto as few bots as possible, meaning you have to accept minimal trade offers.
      • Most orders are delivered in one trade offer (and within 1 minute), even if the items are split across 15 different bots.
    • Our powerful search functionality allows unprecedented flexibility
  • Selling
    • One single 10% fee
      • We take 10% of the value of every item sold, and that's it.
    • Free PayPal payouts
      • No fee to withdraw to your PayPal account, ever.
    • 100% Chargeback Protection
      • You'll never have to worry about getting chargeback scammed again.
    • Click Here to sell your items.


Dota 2 on

Our support for Dota 2 items isn't simply tacked on; we've built a great platform for Dota 2 items. Take a look:

  • Search
    • Search by Name, Hero, Slot, Type, Rarity, or Collection. (that's the standard stuff)
    • Sub-search
      • So, you've used our search to find the item you want, but now you need to find a specific item of that type with just the right attributes.
      • Filter by unlocked style. No more hovering over every item in sequence to find the one style you want.
      • Filter by socketed gems and number of sockets total. Look, you can still hover over the items for nostalgia's sake.
      • This is just the start; we've built an extremely flexible search system that's designed to enable extremely rapid development for high-quality, game-specific search functionality. Let us know what filters you'd like to see!
  • Consolidation
    • Our unrivaled consolidation service works flawlessly with Dota 2 items.
  • Item Collections
    • Click on the name of the collection or one of the items in said collection in the description of the item you're viewing to be sent to that collection or item's page.
    • Alternatively, search for all items in a specific collection on the main search page.
      • Collections are only searchable if at least one of the items in that collection has been deposited to in the past. This will improve as more items are deposited following the launch of Dota 2 support.
  • More to come
    • We're constantly at work adding new features and services to


Next Steps

With Dota 2 support released, it's not time for us to rest. In the immediate term, we'll be hard at work reading and acting on your feedback to provide the best experience possible. 

Additionally, you can read more about our other plans for the future (including more payment methods, payout options, and more) by clicking here.

Finally, if you're interested in trading CS:GO items, please read this post and provide your feedback.