Dashboard Improvement: Lowest Price Indicator

May 27th 2019 Feature

tl;dr: You can now see if an item you're selling is priced higher than what others are selling it for. You can also now see the lowest price an item is being sold for in the Set Price dialog.


We're releasing a change to the seller dashboard today that will improve your selling experience and ease the burden of selling large amounts of items at once.


If an item you're selling is priced higher than others are selling it for, you will now see an alert icon next to the item's price informing you of this discrepancy. Opening the Set Price menu will display the lowest price the item is selling for on Marketplace.tf, allowing you to price yours to match if you like.



We've been hesitant to provide this information due to concerns about scripting and automation (you can read our stance on that here). Scripts that automatically undercut legitimate sellers who are pricing their items manually harm our platform and are strictly against the rules and will result in the permanent ban of an account.

However, these bad actors cannot outweigh the positive Quality-of-Life improvements that legitimate sellers would benefit from. Withholding information that is genuinely useful to good-faith sellers in an attempt to thwart bad-faith sellers is something that must be done very sparingly, and in this instance, we feel the benefits of providing this information outweigh the risks.

However, this does not change our stance on the use of scripts to automate the pricing of items on Marketplace.tf. Additionally, we are actively investigating solutions that would neutralize the necessity and effectiveness of such scripts, to the benefit of all.