Introducing GeelCoin

April 1st 2018

For our first major feature update of 2018, I'm extremely excited to introduce to you all GeelCoin! GeelCoin is a revolutionary new crypto-cryptocurrency that turbocharges the exchange of virtual goods. Read on for more details.


We started by asking ourselves one simple question: "What does the world need?" The answer was immediately clear: the world needs a blockchain-based cryptocurrency tied to Steam items. This amazing new coin will allow us to exert an unprecedented amount of control over the Steam economy, which is good for you as a consumer.


To kickstart GeelCoin's adoption, now accepts GeelCoin as a payment option. This strategic partnership between ourselves is extremely exciting, and we're very happy with it. 


GeelCoin miners will be available through our upcoming cloud-based, Cryptocurrency-as-a-Service platform InfiniGeeler. Basic subscription packages will start at $10/month and guarantee at least 50 GigaGeels of computation power.