Free Instant Payouts

March 11th 2019 Feature

Today, we're making another change to how payouts work on For context, please see our previous post on this topic here.


The current payout model is structured to provide free payouts for every user, while incentivizing users to cover the costs of automated payouts through optional fees to increase the speed of a payout. For example, most users have the option of a free 1-hour payout, or paying a 2% fee to receive it within 5 minutes. Non-US-based customers (to whom sending payouts costs us an additional percentage fee) have a different structure with higher fees to help offset the cost, but ultimately still have a free payout option in the form of a 24-hour payout.


Our new payout structure, live for every user now, is very simple and accessible. When requesting a payout, you have the following options:

  1. Free 5-minute Payout


Oh. That's it. Enjoy!

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Undercutting Prevention

January 17th 2019 Feature

"Undercutting" is the process of pricing your item a meaningless amount -- say, $0.01 -- below the current lowest price on an item, which causes your item to be displayed and added to a user's cart first. While this is not against the rules, and we do not have a problem with competition amongst sellers, this is the wrong kind of competition.

This sort of "competition" is centered around pleasing the service, not customers. A $0.01 difference is all that is needed to prioritize an item for the code, but to a customer a single penny is likely negligible. This is not meaningful or healthy competition; this actively degrades our service.


Before we continue, a quick note on our current round-robin sales system. This system ensures that, within the scope of a single order, as many possible sellers are represented.

For example, let's say someone buys 10 of item X at $5.00, and there are 4 sellers providing this item at that price point. Each seller is guaranteed to sell two items in such a scenario, and two sellers will sell 1 additional item each.

Matching the current lowest price ensures you have an equal chance to sell an item as every other seller.


Undercutting Prevention

Back to undercutting, we've made a simple change to pricing items. Now, if you attempt to price an item below the current lowest price offered by other sellers, your new price must be 1% (or $5, whichever is lower) lower than the other price. (However, you can match their price just fine). 

This does not apply to items priced below $2.50.

For example, if you're selling item Y at $55.00 and someone else wants to undercut you, they'll need to price their item at $54.45 or lower (or $55.00 or higher). 


This change ensures that if someone undercuts your price, it's because they've offered a meaningful price decrease to customers, as opposed to because they made a negligible change that nobody cares about.

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Site Update 1/16: Fabricator Support

January 16th 2019 Feature

Today's site update makes the following changes.

  • Fabricators are now supported. They will now display and be categorized properly.
    • Existing fabricators must be withdrawn and re-deposited to take effect.
    • All you fabricatorheads out there can expect a neato Marketplace update coming soon!
  • "View on" links will now display for any item above $10, as well as unusuals.
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FIDO U2F Security Key support

January 9th 2019 Feature now supports all security keys that implement the FIDO U2F standard (examples: Titan Security Key by Google, YubiKey).

With a Security Key registered to your account, it will act as an additional two-factor authentication device. When logging in or authorizing an account action, you will be asked to either provide a traditional code from your phone, or use a security key.

Security Keys are the most convenient and safest ways to secure your account. 

Click here to set up two-factor authentication or add a security key to your account.

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Similar Items & Sponsored Listings

December 21st 2018 Feature

With a few days left before Christmas, we have two sweet updates for you! Similar Items debuts today, while Sponsored Listings have been with us for a few weeks (but we're announcing it today!) 


Similar Items

Now, when you visit certain items' pages (for example, Australium Rocket Launcher or Yeti Coated War Paint), you'll be shown items for sale that are very similar to the item you're viewing; such as a Professional Killstreak variant, or a different wear or unusual effect on a war paint.

If you were in the market for a Miami Element War Paint, but wanted to see all your options before making a decision, you might wrangle with search and try to get the parameters just right. Alternatively, you can now simply visit any Miami Element War Paint's page, and you'll be shown all Miami Element War Paints! This is especially helpful if you're the bookmarking sort.

The following items will now display similar items:

  • War Paints
    • Will display other War Paints of the same kind
  • Skins
    • Will display other Skins and War Paints of the same kind
      • Skins shown will be the same base weapon
  • Australiums
  • Items


We will be increasing the amount of items that are categorized together in the future.


Sponsored Listings

If you've had trouble selling a rarer item, Sponsored Listings may be for you! Sponsored Listings are simple: buy one, and you can have your item featured on for 48 hours at a time. 

  • $1.99 each
    • Can be purchased in bundles for a reduced price per listing
  • Features an item for 48 Hours
    • Keys, metal, and MvM tickets cannot be sponsored
  • Track the impressions and clicks your Sponsored Listing generates
  • Sponsored Listings display in various places throughout
    • The front page
    • Above search
    • Below the cart


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Credit Card Buy Orders (+ more)

October 24th 2018 Feature

As you're enjoying Scream Fortress X and our Scream Fortress Seller Special, we've got a completely non-spooky update for you today. Doot.

Credit/Debit Card Buy Orders

Buy Orders are a great way to buy items passively: instead of constantly F5ing an item's page hoping it'll get listed for a certain price, you can place a buy order on it and go to sleep. However, buy orders may only be made using Wallet Funds, which can be an inconvenience. Until today, that is:

Buy Orders can now be placed using a credit or debit card! Any card saved to your account can be used to place buy orders, and you'll only be charged when it buys an item. 

  • The credit card you use must be address-verified on Marketplace. This can take up to 7 business days, but is a one-time setup process.
    • This is to prevent fraud. Marketplace provides 100% chargeback protection for our sellers, so we need to fight fraud.
  • You may set a daily spending limit on your card. Card-based Buy Orders will not spend more than the amount you specify per calendar day. 
    • This defaults to $15/day, but can be changed on your account page.
    • Currently, you cannot set it to higher than $200/day, but this is subject to change.
    • Buy Orders placed using store credit do not follow this limit.
  • There is a minimum purchase value of $3.00 for any card-based buy order.
    • This does not affect buy orders placed using wallet funds.
    • This means that any time your buy order would be triggered, it must spend at least $3.00 or it will not trigger.
      • If your per-item price is at least $3.00, it behaves normally.
      • If your per-item price is under $3.00, it will only purchase items if it can purchase enough in one go to meet the minimum. For example, if your per-item price is $1.00, your buy order will need to be able to purchase at least 3 items to be triggered.
    • This is due to the fact that credit card processors charge a flat fee and a percent fee of each transaction, making small payments very expensive for merchants.

Buy Order Updates

That's not all; we've made some improvements to buy orders in general:

  • When your Wallet Funds drop below the value of a buy order, it is now paused instead of canceled. You can unpause it when you replenish your funds.
  • You can now pause and unpause buy orders at will, without having to cancel them.
  • We've revamped the Buy Order Dashboard. Nifty!
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The Scream Fortress Seller Special!

October 20th 2018 Important

Scream Fortress X is here, and with it comes all sorts of new trading opportunities! Whether you've unboxed your first unusual or are a seasoned trading veteran, the Scream Fortress Seller Special (SFSS) will spook you to your soul... with money!

The Scream Fortress Seller Special runs from October 20th until the end of Scream Fortress X -- currently November 14th, but we know Valve.

During the SFSS, the seller commission on certain items (that is, the fee we take) is lowered:

  • Halloween or Scream Fortress-related items: 3%
  • Unusuals and Unusualifiers (all sorts): 5%
  • All other items remain at the standard 10%


What defines a "Halloween item"? We're glad you asked, because we like making lists:

  • Any cosmetic, of any quality, released during any Scream Fortress
  • Any taunt, of any quality, released during any Scream Fortress
  • Any unusual cosmetic or taunt with a Halloween effect
  • Any Warpaint (or painted weapon), of any quality, released during Scream Fortress X
  • Unusualifiers for any taunt released during Scream Fortress
    • That is, the unusualifier must work on a taunt which was released during any Scream Fortress.
  • Any Scream Fortress Cases or Case Keys

Basically, anything spooky. If your item is eligible for a discounted commission, a special badge will appear next to its name on your dashboard. Hover over it to see more details.

Why Sell on Marketplace?

  • 100% Chargeback and Scam Protection
    • Scammers hate him!
  • We're the largest and most-trusted third-party TF2 Marketplace. 
    • Created by the same people behind ScrapTF and
  • We take over the advertising and listing of your item. Everyone in TF2 can see your item on Marketplace.
  • Cross-list your Marketplace items on classifieds
  • Unlike some other markets, we do not charge buyers an extra fee just to buy your items.
    • This means buyers only need to pay exactly what your item costs, instead of hidden fees increasing the true price of your item.

Enjoy Scream Fortess X!

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