Marketplace Discord Server

In order to improve communication between us and our users, we've set up a Discord server, which you can join by clicking here. Alternatively, you can find it by clicking your avatar in the top right and clicking "Discord".


Round Up for Charity

It wouldn't be the holiday season without a little giving. That's why for the next month -- from December 15th to January 15th, you'll have the option to round up your order for charity!

How it works is simple: if you choose to do so, we'll round your purchase to the nearest dollar. Then, we'll donate 100% -- yes, that means every single penny -- of your roundup to The AbleGamers Charity. It's that easy!

Please note that round-ups are not tax deductible.

Improved Dashboard

Today, we've made a few long-requested improvements to the Seller Dashboard. Do you feel we missed something? Let us know!


  • We've improved the Set Price Dialog to include the item name as well as recent sales data for that item.
  • We've added a search bar that can be used to quickly filter items by name, price, or SKU. (Thanks Wiethoofd and viviworks!)
  • You can now click on any of the columns to sort your items by that column. (This works with the search bar)


Hopefully these new features make for a much-improved seller experience. Enjoy!

Item sale order update

If you're a seller, we may have some good news for you! We've recently changed the order in which items at the same price are sold; read on for details.

Originally, all items were sold in a round-robin format; for example, imagine a user buys 10 keys at $1.95, and there are 8 sellers at that price point -- some with many keys, and some with very few. Using the round-robin format, all 8 sellers would be guaranteed to sell one key, and 2 others would sell an additional key (if they had the stock to do so).

However, as part of a database migration some months ago, we had to make a compromise in favor of site performance and switch from a round-robin format to random ordering. While this is somewhat fine when all sellers have a similar amount of items at a pricepoint, it rapidly became unfair as one or a few sellers had many more items in stock than the others.

Today, we've switched back to a round-robin format. What this means for you as a seller is that your sales will be much more consistent and reliable if you're not the largest seller of an item. It also means undercutting is less necessary as sharing a price-point with other sellers is much more fair.

Update on Scripting

When we added the API, we included an endpoint to set the price of one of your items. We did this so that people could more easily control their stock and adjust their prices if necessary. At the same time, we intentionally provided no endpoint that would allow a user to find the lowest price of an item they're selling -- specifically to prevent users from writing scripts to automatically undercut other users by very low amounts.


Nevertheless, users are writing scripts to automatically undercut other users. In retrospect, this is partly our fault; the inclusion of the SetItemPrice endpoint clearly sent the message that automation in this way was okay, and we haven't publicly stated elsewhere not to do so. So today we've removed access to the SetItemPrice endpoint.


Moving forward, users attempting to use scripts to automate undercutting of other users will be banned from selling on