Changes to Shop URLs

Today, we're instituting a small change to the way Shops work. For the unaware, your Shop is a page on that displays only your items for sale; it's a great tool to advertise your wares to others. Until today, we've required that users create their own Shop URLs.

Starting today, Shop URLs are based on your Steam Community Vanity URL. For example, if your Steam Community Vanity URL were, your new Shop URL is

If you do not have a Vanity URL, your shop URL is based off of your Steam Community ID. For example, Bobsplosion's non-vanity Shop URL is

If you're a seller, you can find your Shop URL by visiting your seller settings.

We're making this change because we feel the old system was confusing and unfairly biased towards sellers who signed up earlier. With this system, your shop more accurately reflects your identity, and allows you to have a permanent link to your shop even if your vanity URL changes. Enjoy!

The Stats Update

Today, we're launching a large improvement to the way you view item stats on The Stats Update allows you to view the past 3 weeks of sales history for any item on!

To view an item's sales history, simply visit its page on There, you'll see the past 3 weeks of sales history for that item. Note that this displays the last 21 days that an item had a sale, not the past 21 chronological days. This means that for lower-volume items that don't sell every day, you'll still see up to 21 days of data.

Enjoy! Be sure to let us know what you think in our subreddit.

Improved Search

Today, we're pushing a change to our search feature. Until now, searching on was limited to filtering only between the type of an item, its quality, and its name.

With the search update, you can now:

  • Search for items that a specific class (or all classes) can use
  • Sort ascending or descending by price. If on the Deals page, you can also sort by the dollar value of the deal, or the percentage off.
  • Search for items with specific Killstreaks; no killstreaks; or either.
  • Search for items with a specific Quality
  • Search for items of a specific Type
  • Share your search by copying its URL

The text box is also more intelligent; for example, try searching for "scout unusual" or "unusual skin". 


We'll be iterating on and improving the search function continuously. We hope this improves your shopping experience.

Introducing Shelf Space Expanders

Bot storage space is precious on Currently, we employ an array of almost 60 bots, totaling 110,000+ item spaces -- and we're adding more all the time. Because adding new bots costs time and money, there is currently a shelf space limit of 200 for all sellers; it is not possible to deposit items over this limit. For the vast majority of our sellers, this is more than enough space; however, some sellers may need some extra space to store all their items.

Starting today, sellers may now expand their shelf space limits beyond the base limit of 200 items. To expand your shelf space limit, simply purchase a shelf space expander. There is an upper limit of 2,000 that cannot be passed. Attempting to add shelf space expanders to your cart that would exceed the limit of 2,000 will fail.

We hope this change improves your selling experience. Let us know what you think in our subreddit.

Changes to Painted and Killstreaked Items

If you've used to purchase items that can be painted or have a killstreak kit attached, you know that it can sometimes be cumbersome to navigate the list of items. There are so many possibilities -- professional killstreak items can have 49 different combinations! For example, these Australium Rocket Launchers aren't very easy to navigate.


The change is simple: instead of displaying each unique paint or killstreak effect as its own item, they're now all grouped together. Instead of 49 different Professional Killstreak variants of these rocket launchers, there's now a single "Professional Australium Rocket Launcher" item.



Clicking on the Professional Australium Rocket Launcher lets us see the whole picture:



Much better! It works in the same way for painted items as well. This should make your shopping experience much smoother and stress-free. For our sellers: don't worry! You're still able to set individual prices for all of your painted and killstreaked items.

Well, back to work! These recent improvements are but a taste of the things to come for In the next few months, we'll have something big to share with you. Stay tuned!