Introducing Auctions

September 6th 2019 Feature

We've been hard at work, and we're proud to announce our latest feature: auctions! Although we can't prove that we invented the concept of auctions (although our media team is hard at work figuring out how to do just that), we'll say it anyways. Guys, we just invented auctions!

To kick it off, how about an auction for a Golden Frying Pan with a $100 starting bid? Check it out!

Creating Auctions

Eligible Items

Just like the real world, auctions are best for items whose price isn't concretely known ahead of time. With that in mind, in the beginning, we're restricting auctions to the following items:

  • Unusual cosmetics, taunts, and skins
  • Unusualifiers
  • Skins and Warpaints
  • Strange Items
  • Collector's Items
  • Normal Items
    • Note: this refers to a rare, glitched quality known as "Normal"; very few items of this type exist.

We will, of course, be expanding this list to include more types of items as time goes on. Additionally, we will add support for auctioning items from games other than TF2 soon.



We put a large amount of thought into the pricing structure for auctions, and in the end, we decided that the best solution was to go with what we already know works. 

Therefore, auctions have the same 10% commission as any other sale on


Things You Should Know

  • You may set a starting bid price between $0.99 and $5,000.00 when you create your auction.
    • You may be tempted to set this rather close to your desired final price, but be careful! This is a great way to cause bidders to ignore your auction in favor of others that have lower starting bids. 
  • Once an auction has received its first bid, it cannot be canceled. Your auction will run for the entire length that you specify, and will be sold to the highest bidder at the end. Before placing your item up for auction, make sure you won't miss it!
  • For the time being, you may not have more than 4 auctions active at any one time. We expect to increase this limit over time, according to feedback and gathered data.


Bidding on Auctions

The Basics


Before placing any bids, you'll need to add your phone number to your account. This is to prevent abuse of auctions and provide a safe environment for everyone. We will never spam you or sell your data.



  • When you place a bid, you'll enter your maximum bid, which is the highest price you're willing to pay for the item.
  • When another user bids on the same item, the higher of the two maximum bids will win. Bids are increased in $0.10 increments.
  • Your maximum bid is a secret and not visible to other bidders or the auctioneer.
  • For example...
    • You're the first bidder on an item that has a starting bid of $1.99. You place a bid for $5.00.
    • Your bid is placed at $1.99, the starting bid value. If nobody else bids and you win, you would be charged $1.99.
    • Another user places a bid for $3.00. Your bid instantly increases to $3.10, and you maintain your winning position.
    • Finally, another user places a bid for $7.50. Your bid is defeated, and the current bid on the item is now $5.10.


Ways to Bid

Credit / Debit Cards

When you place a bid with a card, you will not be charged unless you win. When you win an auction, you will have 48 hours to return to and pay for the item you won. Failure to pay within 48 hours will result in a permanent ban from placing further bids.

Additionally, to bid with a credit or debit card, you must add a card to your account that meets our verification requirements:

  • If the card supports 3D Secure v1 or v2, then it is automatically eligible. Most cards support this.
  • Otherwise...
    • If your card supports both AVS (Address Verification) and Postal Code Verification, then you must verify its address. This is a one-time process wherein we will send a physical postcard to your billing address to verify you are the owner of the card.
    • If the card does not support AVS and postal code verification, it cannot be used to bid.
  • The Auction Card Verification page will walk you through the entire setup process.


We understand that these requirements may inconvenience some bidders; unfortunately, these measures are necessary to prevent fraudulent transactions. 

Bidding with PayPal will be available in the future.


Wallet Funds

If you have Wallet Funds on your account, which are obtainable either by selling items or by purchase, you may bid with that instead of a card.


When you place a bid with Wallet Funds, we will deduct your maximum bid from your balance immediately. This will be refunded if you are outbid.

If your winning bid is lower than your maximum bid, the difference will be refunded to you at the end of the auction.


Note: if you opt to purchase Wallet Funds to bid with, please be aware that they are NON-REFUNDABLE. For this reason, we do not recommend that you purchase Wallet Funds to place bids.

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Dota 2 has arrived

June 24th 2019 Important

Starting now, has full support for Dota 2 items. You can now buy and sell any tradable Dota 2 item on Arcanas, Couriers, Weather Effects, Cosmetics, Player Cards,  Wearables, and more. We've put a lot of work into this update, and we think you'll like it. 


Quick Overview: What is

Welcome! For many, this blog post will be your first interaction with our service. We've spent the past 6 years building the absolute best TF2 cash trading website in the world (we've got seniority: we're literally the pioneers in automated Steam trading), and we're finally extending our reach. 

Put simply, is the best place to buy and sell Team Fortress 2, and now Dota 2, items for cash. We've delivered over 18 million TF2 items so far, and we're larger now than we've ever been. 

  • Buying
    • No fees on buyers
    • Pay with PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, or funds earned from selling your items on
      • More options to pay coming soon
    • Consolidation is our service that combines the items you're purchasing onto as few bots as possible, meaning you have to accept minimal trade offers.
      • Most orders are delivered in one trade offer (and within 1 minute), even if the items are split across 15 different bots.
    • Our powerful search functionality allows unprecedented flexibility
  • Selling
    • One single 10% fee
      • We take 10% of the value of every item sold, and that's it.
    • Free PayPal payouts
      • No fee to withdraw to your PayPal account, ever.
    • 100% Chargeback Protection
      • You'll never have to worry about getting chargeback scammed again.
    • Click Here to sell your items.


Dota 2 on

Our support for Dota 2 items isn't simply tacked on; we've built a great platform for Dota 2 items. Take a look:

  • Search
    • Search by Name, Hero, Slot, Type, Rarity, or Collection. (that's the standard stuff)
    • Sub-search
      • So, you've used our search to find the item you want, but now you need to find a specific item of that type with just the right attributes.
      • Filter by unlocked style. No more hovering over every item in sequence to find the one style you want.
      • Filter by socketed gems and number of sockets total. Look, you can still hover over the items for nostalgia's sake.
      • This is just the start; we've built an extremely flexible search system that's designed to enable extremely rapid development for high-quality, game-specific search functionality. Let us know what filters you'd like to see!
  • Consolidation
    • Our unrivaled consolidation service works flawlessly with Dota 2 items.
  • Item Collections
    • Click on the name of the collection or one of the items in said collection in the description of the item you're viewing to be sent to that collection or item's page.
    • Alternatively, search for all items in a specific collection on the main search page.
      • Collections are only searchable if at least one of the items in that collection has been deposited to in the past. This will improve as more items are deposited following the launch of Dota 2 support.
  • More to come
    • We're constantly at work adding new features and services to


Next Steps

With Dota 2 support released, it's not time for us to rest. In the immediate term, we'll be hard at work reading and acting on your feedback to provide the best experience possible. 

Additionally, you can read more about our other plans for the future (including more payment methods, payout options, and more) by clicking here.

Finally, if you're interested in trading CS:GO items, please read this post and provide your feedback.



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What's Next for

June 19th 2019 Important

This blog post is meant to give an idea of our current plans for the future, but plans can always change. The order of this list is not intended to represent the order in which these features may ship. This list is not necessarily exhaustive.

Dota 2

Surprise! Soon, you'll be able to buy and sell Dota 2 items on

We've put a significant amount of work into this update, and we're really excited about it. Our goal for any game we support on is to provide the best service for that game that we possibly can. If we add support for a game, we don't want it to feel like a tacked-on feature; it should be a first-class citizen amongst the other games we support. For example, we've invested a lot of time in our search functionality, offering features nobody else matches (style and gem filters anyone?), and we think you'll like it.


Expect Dota 2 to be available on within 1-2 weeks.


Why sell on

We offer the best TF2 trading platform in the world, and that's what we plan to do for Dota 2 as well. 

  • Unlike many other services, buyers don't pay any fees. This means they're able to pay more for items, and are much less likely to cancel a purchase due to unexpected fees pushed upon the buyer.
  • We offer free, instant PayPal payouts. We don't like the idea of springing surprise fees on you when you try to actually collect on what you sold, so we don't do it.
  • There is only one, simple 10% commission. We collect 10% of the value of your item when you sell it; no hidden fees.
  • was founded in 2013, making us the longest-running item trading platform in the world.


Does this impact TF2 items on

Nope! is doing better than ever in the TF2 trading scene, and we don't intend to slow down any time soon. Our TF2 support will continue to get better, with new features and services specific to TF2 (such as the ability to filter by killstreak effects, coming in this update). Additionally, a fair amount of the work we've done to support Dota 2 allows us to improve the TF2 experience on Marketplace as well.


More Payment Methods

We're working on supporting a number of new payment methods to better serve our international customers. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • iDEAL
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Przelewy24

Think something's missing from this list? Let us know!


Payout Options already offers feeless, instant PayPal payouts for all our users, but we can do more. We're investigating multiple options for providing new payout methods -- specifically ones that better serve our international users -- and we'll share more specific information when we can.

Of course, PayPal payouts won't be going away with these changes. 


Help Center

We're working on a brand new help center that will guide our users through all of's features and services.

It will contain a number of neatly-categorized, searchable articles that go into specific detail on the usage of the website. The creation of these articles represents a fair amount of work on our end, but will serve to greatly improve user experience. We hope you find it useful!


Further Future

Although we're not yet ready to talk about it, you can expect to continue to innovate in unexpected ways. We're extremely excited for what's to come, and can't wait to show you what we mean. Big plans.


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Patch Notes 5/27

May 27th 2019 Patch Notes

This is a "Patch Notes" post, where we summarize many of the user-facing changes we've made over the past few weeks. Many of these changes are not individually large enough to receive their own blog posts, but still deserve to be formally announced.

Patch Notes

  • Lowest Price information can now be seen on the Seller Dashboard
  • Search has been rewritten from the ground up, and several new filters are available.
    • Designed to be easily extendable and very flexible. The time we invested in this is already bringing great rewards for our internal development process.
  • We've improved the mobile experience:
    • The navbar has been reworked for mobile to provide more information while being less confusing. 
    • Your cart will no longer be too wide and scroll sideways on the checkout page
    • Our work on improving mobile support is far from finished; this is not an exhaustive update.
  • The cart display in the navbar now shows both the # of items and value of your cart.
  • Notifications you receive now appear live on your page instead of appearing on the next page load.
  • The Buy Orders page is now paginated for those who have a significant amount of outstanding Buy Orders.
  • Domain Names are now censored in usernames.
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Dashboard Improvement: Lowest Price Indicator

May 27th 2019 Feature

tl;dr: You can now see if an item you're selling is priced higher than what others are selling it for. You can also now see the lowest price an item is being sold for in the Set Price dialog.


We're releasing a change to the seller dashboard today that will improve your selling experience and ease the burden of selling large amounts of items at once.


If an item you're selling is priced higher than others are selling it for, you will now see an alert icon next to the item's price informing you of this discrepancy. Opening the Set Price menu will display the lowest price the item is selling for on, allowing you to price yours to match if you like.



We've been hesitant to provide this information due to concerns about scripting and automation (you can read our stance on that here). Scripts that automatically undercut legitimate sellers who are pricing their items manually harm our platform and are strictly against the rules and will result in the permanent ban of an account.

However, these bad actors cannot outweigh the positive Quality-of-Life improvements that legitimate sellers would benefit from. Withholding information that is genuinely useful to good-faith sellers in an attempt to thwart bad-faith sellers is something that must be done very sparingly, and in this instance, we feel the benefits of providing this information outweigh the risks.

However, this does not change our stance on the use of scripts to automate the pricing of items on Additionally, we are actively investigating solutions that would neutralize the necessity and effectiveness of such scripts, to the benefit of all. 

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Upcoming Seller Requirements Change: Update

April 24th 2019 Important

Please read this post for important context relating to this announcement. This blog post is a direct follow-up.


Last week, we announced that we would be requiring that sellers add and verify a phone number in order to deposit items. Since then, we've been reading your comments and listening to what you have to say. We'd like to offer this follow-up to show you what we've learned, what actions we're taking, and provide some clarity on the reason we're making these changes.

tl;dr: Following your feedback, we will allow verified addresses as an optional alternative to verifying a phone number. In addition, we are delaying this change until May 7th, 2019 in order to allow time for affected sellers to verify their address or phone number.


What we've learned

When we made the decision to require phone number verification, we did so under the assumption that our sellers all had access to a phone number capable of receiving texts. We assumed this because, in order to deposit items, sellers need to register a phone number with Steam and use the Steam Mobile Authenticator. However, we learned that some of our users do not have access to a phone number presently, even if they had one in the past to set up Steam.

Additionally, many users are understandably trepidatious about providing a phone number to a third-party website. While we guarantee never to spam or solicit our users via SMS or robocalls, we understand that many users have a very strict personal security policy whereby they simply do not share their number with third-party websites.

Finally, we learned that our reasoning for making these changes was not presented in the best way. Many users do not feel they received an adequate explanation for why we are adding additional verification requirements.


What we're changing

In response to user feedback, we realize that we need to provide an alternative verification measure that does not require a phone or phone number. 

To that end, a verified address will now suffice as an alternative to a verified phone number. We think this is an acceptable compromise for those few users who are unable to verify a phone number: verification is still required, but entirely possible without a phone.

Verifying your address is extremely simple:

  1. Visit your account settings page and navigate to the "Verified Billing Addresses" section
  2. Fill the form with your address. All countries (save those we legally cannot do business with per US sanctions) are supported.
  3. We will send a physical postcard containing a unique code to your address.
  4. When you receive the postcard, enter the code it contains on your account page.
  5. All done!

Domestic (US) postcard deliveries typically take under a week, while international deliveries are less predictable and may take longer.


Why we're requiring verification has grown considerably since we initially opened up the ability for any Steam user to sell items. Since that time, we have seen numerous instances of scammers and fraudsters stealing items and liquidating them on While we work to ban these users and delist their items, we often cannot do this before the items have sold. Additionally, banning seller accounts does not prevent them from creating another account.

In order to effectively combat scammers, and ensure that only legitimate users are selling items on, we need to have some form of verification on sellers. We need to be able to link accounts together using physical attributes -- phone number, address, etc. -- so that we can enforce bans on seller accounts. We cannot in good faith ban an account while doing nothing to ensure an alt account is not immediately created by the banned user. 

Quite frankly, deals with real money, and so must be held to a higher standard than other TF2-related websites. This demands that we take our position seriously; this is not just a TF2 website, but an e-commerce platform. With that comes additional moral and technical responsibilities that we must take seriously.

 We have no interest in providing scammers or fraudsters a safe haven. We owe it to our legitimate users to prevent illegitimate users from liquidating their ill-gotten goods.


What if I already have items deposited and can't/won't verify?

These new restrictions apply solely to depositing items. That is, you will not in any way be locked out of your account, the funds you've earned, or the items you've already deposited. You will be free to withdraw or sell items already on your account; the only restriction is that you must verify to deposit more items.



All sensitive user information is encrypted using extremely strong industry-standard cryptography. We do not believe in "security through obscurity". We do not roll our own crypto.

There is no circumstance under which we would seek to financially gain from the sale of user information. It will never happen. 

Further, we are entirely self-funded, and plan to remain as such forever. The only shareholders in our company are the two owners (I'm one of them!), who are not beholden to any other moneyed interests. 

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Upcoming Seller Requirements Change

April 16th 2019 Important

tl;dr: Starting April 23rd, all sellers will need to add and verify a phone number in order to deposit any items.


      Starting April 23rd, 2019 (one week from the date this blog post was published), sellers will find that they need to add and verify a phone number in order to deposit items. This is a process that takes only a few seconds, and helps increase the security of your account and of as a platform. In particular, this change helps us prevent scammers and scammer alts from liquidating stolen goods on Marketplace.

Click here to add a phone number to your account.


Why do you want my phone number?

  • It helps us prevent scammers and other crooks from liquidating stolen goods.
  • It assists us with verifying your payments when you purchase items, making the purchase process smoother.
  • Having a phone number attached to your account can help you regain access or prove ownership of the account.
  • A phone number is required for 2-Factor Authentication, which we strongly recommend all sellers set up.


I don't want to be spammed

      Put simply, we will never send you any text messages or calls that you do not want. When you verify your phone number, we will send a single SMS to verify your ownership. No further SMS messages will be sent unless you explicitly request it -- for example, if we were to offer an opt-in SMS notification when you sell an item in the future. 


      Additionally, your phone number will never be sold or used for advertising purposes. We do not financially gain from your phone number other than how it helps us secure our platform. Specifically, we only share your information with other entities when we are required to by law (which is not something that has ever been demanded of us by any government agency) and to prevent fraudulent payments.


I don't have a phone number

      While we understand that this will negatively impact some users, we have made this decision based on the fact that in order to deposit items, users need the Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled, which requires a phone number. Therefore, any users who were depositing items already have a phone number that they've attached to their Steam accounts.

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