The Deals page is here!

Today we're launching the Deals page: the single greatest list of the best deals across! This page shows the latest and greatest deals on items for sale.


Deals are sorted by total dollar value discount, and the deals page contains all deals with a 5% or more discount. We calculate a discount by comparing the item's price to's price for the item. 


In addition, you can search and filter the items on the deals page, just like on the homepage:


We hope this improves your shopping experience. Enjoy! Gift Cards Available Now

The wait is over! You can now purchase gift cards straight from itself.


How to Buy

To purchase a gift card, simply browse our selection of cards and add them to your cart. Then visit your cart and check out, just like when you're purchasing any other item.



After your purchase goes through, your gift cards will be credited to your account, and you will receive a notification informing you of this. To find your gift card codes, visit your gift card page. Here you can view all of your purchased and activated gift cards, as well as track when they're activated. This is also where your recipient can activate their gift card.


That's it! It's pretty simple and easy to use. Happy belated holidays!

2017: The Year Ahead

If you're reading this post, congratulations! You made it through 2016. The past year has been big for; we started the Seller Beta, sponsored numerous content creators, secured over $45,000 in donations for Tip of the Hats in conjunction with ScrapTF, and massively improved our own internal systems. This blog post, however, is about what you can all look forward to in 2017.

Please note that this is simply a taste of what 2017 will hold; we have some super special surprises in store for you that aren't in this blog post.


Open Seller Beta

Very soon, we'll be opening the seller beta to anyone and everyone who wants to participate. What this means for you is that if you want to sell your items for cash, you can! You don't have to wait to be approved to sell. We're very excited for this, and we think you'll love it.


Gift Cards

Astute observers may have noticed the new "Gift Cards" link in the top user navigation menu. Currently, these gift cards can only be obtained by being given one by support; however, soon, you will be able to purchase these gift cards for yourself! They'll come in a large range of possible values, and you can either use them for yourself or give them as a gift to others.


Daily Gift Card Prizes

Soon, you'll be able to win gift cards just for selling an item with us! More details on this later.


Seller Improvements

We'll be continuously improving the seller experience. Some of the things we'll be focusing on is the ability to run limited-time discounts, improvements to account security, better stats, and the ability to create private listings.


Quality-of-Life Improvements

We'll be focusing on the simple things as well. We want to improve the checkout process, make the search function more powerful, create shortlinks for your seller shop and items, and more. This will be an ongoing, steady process of improvement.


There are a number of features that we'd love to tell you about, but we can't right now. Trust us: this is only a small taste of the great things coming to in 2017. This is going to be a great year!

Changes to Item Deposit Process

We've made a slight change to the item deposit process, which affects all sellers.

Previously, when depositing an item, its price would automatically be set to the last price you assigned it. For instance, if you had set keys to be $1.85, sold out of them, and then uploaded more later, they would be set to $1.85 automatically. 

Now, when you deposit an item, if you have none of that item for sale currently, it will be set to $0 -- which means it won't be available to purchase until you price it. For example, if you have 10 keys for sale at $1.95 each and deposit 5 more, they will automatically be set to $1.95 as well. However, if you have no keys in stock and deposit some, they will not be automatically priced.

We hope this change will help prevent outdated prices causing you to sell items for cheaper than intended.

Improvements to Two-Factor Authentication

Today, we're releasing a change to the way two-factor authentication on functions. Previously, to enable two-factor authentication all you had to do was save a recovery code prior to setting it up on your mobile device. However, some users lost or did not properly save this code, lost or formatted their phone, and were locked out of their accounts.


We've added the ability to link a phone number to your account. Linking your phone number is a short process: we send a 6-digit verification code via an SMS message, and the process is complete when you enter the code on Linking a phone number is now required prior to setting up Two-Factor Authentication. Should you lose access to your authenticator and your recovery code, we will now send you an SMS message containing a temporary recovery code that you may use to remove two-factor authentication from your account and regain access.


If you've already activated two-factor authentication, we strongly urge you to link your phone number. Within the next two weeks, we will begin requiring that users who have enabled two-factor authentication and have not linked a phone number either link a phone number or remove two-factor authentication from their account. This is to ensure the safety and security of our users.


Two-factor authentication is not required, but is strongly recommended. If someone were to gain control of your Steam account, without two-factor authentication they would have complete control over your account, including the ability to cash-out your seller funds.


Stay safe!

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