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Basic Killstreak Strange Autumn Wrench (Field-Tested)
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Civilian Grade Wrench (Field-Tested)
Strange Stat Clock Attached
Sentry Kills: 0
Kills: 0
Killstreaks Active
Upgrades, repairs and speeds up construction of friendly buildings on hit
Harvest Collection
Boneyard Sniper Rifle
Boneyard Wrench
Boneyard Revolver
Pumpkin Patch Flame Thrower
Pumpkin Patch Minigun
Pumpkin Patch Sniper Rifle
Pumpkin Patch Stickybomb Launcher
Boneyard Knife
Macabre Web Pistol
Macabre Web Revolver
Macabre Web Scattergun
Macabre Web Grenade Launcher
Macabre Web Stickybomb Launcher
Macabre Web Minigun
Autumn Flame Thrower
Autumn Grenade Launcher
Autumn Stickybomb Launcher
Autumn Rocket Launcher
Autumn Shotgun
✔ Autumn Wrench
Nutcracker Flame Thrower
Nutcracker Minigun
Nutcracker Pistol
Nutcracker Scattergun
Nutcracker Wrench
Wildwood Medi Gun
Wildwood Revolver
Wildwood SMG
Wildwood Sniper Rifle
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